You Are Cordially Invited to Join Our Grassroots Campaign Against Violence in Our Community

we recently organized a “grass roots” campaign to address the violence in our Nation, State of Washington and local communities. we are NOT against gun ownership ! we are advocating for changes to the current legislation dealing with psychiatric treatment, background checks,assault weapons & multi clip ammunitions. we have organized a panel of “community leaders” in various areas ( School,Church,Police,Public Health & Dispute Resolution) to discuss this topic at a community meeting –FEBRUARY 21ST-7PM. LACEY COMMUNITY CENTER.

    ..we will be meeting with our Legislators following this meeting..this is NOT a debate or venue for disruption..we advocate non-violence and open dialogue.

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6 Responses to You Are Cordially Invited to Join Our Grassroots Campaign Against Violence in Our Community

  1. Stephan Kernstock says:

    I wasn’t aware of a gun violence problem in Thurston County.

    • jimyatman2004 says:

      i would be more than happy to share with you the statistics which Thurston County Public Health Physician shared with us at our community meeting. thanks for checking out our site and hope you continue to be involved in the discussion.

  2. escher2 says:

    There are more deaths in Washington State caused by firearms than automobiles.
    In Washington State in 2009 there were 623 gun deaths, compared to 580 caused by car.

  3. John Heinley says:

    Thank you for allowing me to speak and ask questions. As a gun-owner, I wondered if I’d be like a black man attending a meeting of the KKK by coming to your meeting. If you can stay away from gun-control I’m willing to work with you, but if you support gun-control I will oppose you. It was nice to meet a few people after the meeting.

  4. jimyatman2004 says:

    you are most welcome…and i am hopeful your anxiety was lessened by attending the community meeting and voicing your feelings as to where you stand on this issue. as you are aware, we are NOT against gun ownership (members of our group own guns)we ARE seeking positive changes which will assist in what we feel is NOT working on our society in regards to violence..our discussions have been in regards to universal background checks,safe gun storage,assault weapons and multi-clips of ammo. i would hope you will continue to come to our meetings and voice your feelings as this is a subject which we all share a passion.

  5. Pete Farr says:

    The chance to cut through the media fed controversy of fear and anger (of gun violence and of losing 2nd Amendment rights) to work together for a safer world makes me smile.
    My thought is we have common ground on safe gun storage and suicide prevention.

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