Website for Gun Violence Prevention in Thurston County

WordPress provides us with this free site for sharing information about our grassroots gun violence prevention movement.

We are a group of concerned citizens of Thurston County who believe that the high level of gun violence in America needs to be addressed with effective solutions.  We believe that we the people have the power to make our communities safe though their efforts to educate and organize for social change.  We invite you to join us in creating a solution to the ongoing tragedy of gun violence on our streets and in our schools.

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One Response to Website for Gun Violence Prevention in Thurston County

  1. norm says:

    There is a proven method for removing guns from criminals: have all sales of ammo reported to the local sheriff’s office. This office can quietly compare purchases against a database of known felons and obtain search warrants to conduct searches if required. This would remove dangerous criminals from the community without any impact on law abiding people’s right to protect themselves or requiring background checks. Background checks only serve to remind criminals to be more careful.

    Nobody seems even prepared to debate this idea. Gun lobbies feel this could be used to create a database of gun owners the gov could use later to confiscate weapons. The gov seems to think that only confiscating weapons (disarming lawful citizens) is the answer. The truth is in the middle. Imagine a school where weapons could be placed into a locker in the teacher’s staff lounge. In an emergency, staff could run to these lockers before the police were even aware there was an emergency. Image a women alone walking home after work …. Police can be of service AFTER a crime has occurred.

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